How to Order


ANNUALS – November 13 through March 29
PERENNIALS – September 11 through March 29
SUCCULENTS – January through March 29
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1 case (1 case = 4 trays)
**Best pricing is obtained with 4+ cases per ship date.**


As always, you are welcome to place your order directly with us by fax (1/937-845-4082), phone (1/937-845-0093) toll free (1/800-276-6841), on-line (, e-mail ( or US Mail.

Your order may also be placed with the following Brokers:

BFG Plant Connection                                        1/800-883-0234
Cleveland Floral Products                                   1/800-579-5775
Eason Horticultural Resources Inc.                      1/800-214-2221
Fred C. Gloeckner Co.                                        1/800-345-3787
Henry F. Michell Co.                                           1/800-422-4678
McHutchison                                                      1/800-943-2230
Vaughan’s Horticulture LLC                               1/855-864-3300


Discount will apply to all orders placed by September 30, 2019.
Discount will be taken in addition to volume pricing.
Items added to EOD order after September 30, 2019 will be at regular pricing.
Discount will be forfeited if original EOD order decreases more than 10% after September 30, 2019.


Perennials are available in split trays of 25. Upcharge: 10¢ per plant.


ANNUALS: Tags will accompany all patented annuals in multiples of 100 @ 5¢ each. Tags are available for other annuals, if specified at time order is placed, in multiples of 100 @ 7¢ each. If tags are not specified at time of ordering, a $12.00 handling fee will apply.

PERENNIALS: Tags will accompany all patented perennials and are available for other perennials, if specified at time order is placed, in multiples of 50 @ 7¢ each. If tags are not specified at time of ordering, a $12.00 handling fee will apply.


Annual Young Plants: (102/tray) are shipped in multiples of 4/case in WINTER-PAK box (insulated with 1/2” Styrofoam on all sides, top and bottom). WINTER-PAK charge is $9.50/case.

Perennials: (50/tray) are shipped in multiples of 4/case in uninsulated box. Box charge is $6.25/case.


All orders are to be paid 30 days prior to shipment unless credit has been established. MasterCard, VISA, Discover and check or money order are accepted. Estimated packing and shipping charges will be added to your total when your order is booked. In order to establish credit, a credit application including 3 trade references must be completed allowing 3-4 weeks for processing.


In the rare occasion that a substitution is necessary, such substitution will be made only with prior approval from you or your broker.


Must be made a minimum of 5 weeks prior to scheduled ship date


Orders are shipped Monday – Wednesday only, to ensure arrival at your facility by Friday. We will do our best to determine if temperatures are forecasted to be below 20º while plants are expected to be in transit. If temperatures are expected to be below 20º, we will hold your plants until the temperatures are suitable to protect against frost damage. A frozen shipment is viewed by common carriers as an Act of God, and claims will not be honored.


Each order is assessed to determine the least expensive shipping method in order to keep your costs to a minimum.


Currently Delta is an option for 4+ cases (16 trays). There is a $14 charge per shipment for delivery to Dayton International Airport. Shipments via airlines are sent freight only collect and must be picked up at your nearest major airport. Please provide name / location of nearest major airport when placing your order. All shipments are at customer’s risk.


Fed Ex is a convenient, cost effective and reliable option for young plant delivery. Fed Ex reduced pricing (in addition to Meadow View volume discount) applies when 100 lbs (4 cases) are shipped simultaneously. We are pleased to provide a cost estimate based on your zone. All shipments are at customer’s risk.


Motor Freight is a cost effective option for shipping perennial orders exceeding 80 trays.


We encourage you to pick up your orders at our greenhouses Wednesday through Friday. Please provide 48 hours advance notice and advise whether or not boxing will be required.


F.O.B. – New Carlisle, Ohio.


All shipments are shipped at customer’s risk; however, we will assist you with filing claims on damaged shipments. Notify us immediately if you have problems of any kind so corrective action may be taken. Digital photos may be requested to process your claim. No claims honored after 7 days. Meadow View Growers, Inc. cannot be held liable beyond the original purchase price.